PRISM – Unlimited Apps. Unified Core.

PRISM is the platform for service providers big and small.

From deployments on thousands of servers down to a single netbook, PRISM lets you build, deploy, and manage valuable new applications and services.  Applications like rich calling, presence, HD conferencing, and automated voice, text, or IM agents.

Best yet, PRISM is 100% geek compliant and carrier compliant, with web-centric API support for Java, Node.JS, Ruby, and Groovy; plus tight integration with SIP and IMS devices, services, and carrier networks. PRISM’s Rayo protocol makes it easy to add support for any up and coming programming platform or religion.

PRISM is in production use every day at the largest service providers in the world. ¬†Companies like Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, Tata Communications, and Telefonica count on it. ¬† Use it for your next revenue-winning service, now…


Multi-Protocol Routing


Call Recording

WAV/MP3, PGP Encryption

Speech Recognition

High Quality. >30 Languages

Text to Speech

High Quality. >30 Languages

Conference Rooms

Supports very large rooms

Answering Machine

Industry-leading machine detection

High Definition Audio

Wideband audio support


Real-time user / agent presence

Instant Messaging

XMPP, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, etc


>10,000 calls per server

Bundled Apps

PRISM ships with several pre-built applications. These applications are designed for deep integration with existing SIP and IMS networks and are highly customizable.

Horizon SBC Horizon is a secure border controller solution for multi-boundary traversal. For SIP communications, Horizon combines IETF standard STUN, TURN and ICE with secure media transport for scalable service access. It can transparently enables the endpoint to communicate across multi-boundaries. For H.323 video communications Horizon’s secure tunnels enables transparent traversal of firewalls and NATs without any security compromise. Horizon also supports the latest H.460 standards.

SIPoint Presence Server SIPoint Director is a complete web based SIP collaboration solution that allows users collaborate with Presence, IM and VoIP. SIPoint Server is the server component of SIPoint Director. As an integrated set of Proxy, Registrar and SIMPLE-based Presence and XCAP servers, SIPoint Server provides programmable, scalable presence, IM and VoIP services across all SIP compatible clients and devices.

Tropo Cloud Communications API With Tropo developers can build multi-channel communications applications using scripting languages they already know: JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and Groovy. PRISM’s Tropo App powers the core of Voxeo’s cloud communications offering.

Rayo Server Rayo is a real-time call and media control protocol developed by Voxeo Labs. The Rayo Server application provides a drop-in implementation of the Rayo protocol offering deep integration into existing SIP and IMS networks. With Rayo Server, carriers and service providers can quickly add next-generation network services using standard XMPP protocols.