Ameche Technology

Ameche is a new industry defining Communications Platform-as-a-Service (cPaaS) that makes it fun and profitable for carriers to enhance user conversations. Ameche combines existing voice, video and text conversations with popular cloud services and enterprise IT systems to create a truly fluid mobile experience.

Why PaaS?

Voxeo has been delivering Cloud Communications APIs for 13 years. During that time we have helped thousands of companies build amazing voice and messaging-based applications. What we found during that process is that even our most technically advanced customers were struggling to scale and monitor their real-time applications.

A good PaaS scales your app so you don’t have to

Our first attempt at solving this problem was with, our massively popular cloud service with over 150,000 registered developers. Tropo offers a refreshingly different approach to creating phone apps by providing a PaaS execution environment and native scripting interfaces for modern programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, Python and PHP.

Here is a basic conference line app built with Tropo:


conference 'PartyRoom'

That’s it! Two lines of code to build a functional conference line. Within 3 weeks of launching Tropo we had 10k registered developers. At that point knew we were on to something: that developers wanted more than just APIs; they want a platform.

Introducing Ameche

Ameche is an application platform, deployed in the carrier network, that allows real calls to be enhanced, rerouted, collected and shared instantly over the Web; and because the apps also run in the network, they can be automatically packaged, controlled and scaled; resulting in higher quality of service (QoS) with much lower latency than existing REST-based APIs.

In collaboration with Joyent, we have developed a secure runtime container based on SmartOS and Node.js, making available thousands of Node.js modules, APIs and a thriving community of developers.

Here is a basic Ameche/ app. The app runs inside a mobile carriers network, on the Ameche node.js Communications Platform as a Service (cPaaS). First, a mobile carrier subscriber adds the Ameche Salesforce app to their service plan, and gives the app certain permissions, such as the ability to know about calls to their regular mobile phone number. Then the app below is notified when a new subscriber adds the app, and any time someone calls the subscribers mobile phone. The Ameche Salesforce app then checks to see if the callers phone number exists in Salesforce. If it does, the new call is logged with Salesforce:

var ameche = require( 'ameche' );
var salesforce = require( 'salesforce' );// This event fires when a subscriber adds this app
ameche.on( 'subscribe', function( subscriber ) {// Get the subscriber's Ameche app configuration data
var config = subscriber.config;

// Create a new API Client
var sf = salesforce.createClient( config.authToken );

// This event fires upon an incoming mobile phone call
subscriber.on( 'call:incoming', function(call, subscriber) {

// Q: Does the callers # exist in Salesforce?

{phone: call.otherParty}, function(err, account) {

if( account != null ) {

// A: Yes, log this call to Salesforce
sf.logCall( account );

We’re very excited about Ameche, and the $1 trillion+ opportunity it opens up between carriers and developers. Keep your eyes on the Voxeo Labs Blog for updated information, use cases and our work to put Apps in your Calls™.