The World’s First Telco Communications PaaS

Ameche from Voxeo Labs empowers carriers and developers to grow voice, messaging, and location services with new high-value applications. Unlike ‘over the top’ platforms that offer basic voice and messaging on virtual numbers, Ameche integrates seamlessly with the carrier network to deliver amazing apps on regular calls and real phone numbers.

Technically speaking, Ameche enables new revenue-generating services via web-friendly API’s, tools, and a carrier-based Communications Platform as a Service (cPaaS). The Ameche cPaaS is a node.js and SmartOS virtual-machine-based hosting environment. Ameche uses the proven Voxeo Labs PRISM platform and Rayo and SIP protocols to integrate tightly with IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and pre-IMS carrier networks.

Ameche services can be developed by both telco and web-centric developers, and quickly and safely deployed and sold by those developers as well as carrier marketing teams, system integrators, values add resellers, and direct-sales teams.

Ameche is the newest offering from Voxeo Labs, the company behind Tropo and Phono and represents the latest in a powerful suite of closely integrated carrier-centric products. Voxeo Labs, along with its parent, Voxeo Corporation, has built an ecosystem of over 250,000 app developers who have launched and supported over 100,000 businesses and apps. In the coming months, Voxeo Labs will release updated versions of Tropo and Phono that work seamlessly with the Ameche platform.

Why Ameche?

PaaS Technology
More than just an API. Ameche automatically scales network applications so you don’t have to. See the Technology page for more details.

Ameche is Social
Share conversations with cloud services like FaceBook, Yammer, and SalesForce or create mashup services that route calls based on a user location or social status.

Voice Activated
Using speech recognition technology, Ameche can wake up when certain keywords are spoken to provide a voice-activated interface for controlling in-call apps like note-taking, ad-hoc conferencing, transcription and smart call recording.

Telco Friendly
Unlike OTTs like Google Voice, Ameche integrates deeply with the core network making it ‘just work’ with existing devices on the subscriber’s own phone numbers. Ameche really loves IMS but works on legacy networks as well.

Apps in your Calls™
Bring the ‘app model’ to telecom services by rewarding service simplicity in the call. Check out some of our great apps in the Apps in your Calls™ section. Or build your own using our APIs.

Built on PRISM
Ameche is based on our award winning PRISM Cloud Platform so carriers get the benefit of a mature and proven foundation.

Friends of Ameche

  • joyent
    “Ameche by Voxeo Labs is a new way of thinking about communication services, it brings the “app model” to telecom services by rewarding simplicity in the call. This will revolutionize our lives as we will never think of voice and internet services as separate ever again.”

    – Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent
  • salesforce

    “Ameche moves telephony-as-a-service from the edge to the core of the phone network, enabling powerful integrations with apps running on cloud platforms such as and Heroku.”

    – Pat Patterson, Principal Developer Evangelist at

  • fixmo

    “Ameche is an exciting development for the exploding area of Bring Your Own Device. It’s ‘Apps in Your Calls™’, facilitated by the network and made available to enterprise-based services. The use cases for mobile security, compliance and risk management capabilities are staggering and will pave the way for securely integrating real-time communications from the device into business processes and back-end systems.”

    – Lee Cocking, VP of Corporate Strategy at Fixmo
  • babelverse
    “Ameche will allow our customers and interpreters to connect with each other simply through a phone call, making our service more universally accessible.”

    – Mayel de Borniol, Co-founder of Babelverse