Apps in Your Calls™ (with real phone numbers!)

Ameche is a new platform for a new kind of app – Apps in your Call™. These apps live inside voice, video and text conversations to link the ‘phone world’ with your work and social life. This revolutionary new technology will change the way users think about their mobile service. How does it work? Well, Ameche Apps run inside the phone network and come alive when a user is on a call or having a text conversation. Once active, Ameche Apps can share conversations, in real-time, with cloud services like Yammer, Microsoft Lync, FaceBook and SalesForce or enable mashup services that route calls based on user location or social status. Because they live inside the phone network, Ameche Apps work everywhere, for all users and on any device.

Some Cool Apps…

  • Social Calls Status Updates

    Social network updates are missing the most important and interactive activities we do every day; our conversations with friends, family, colleagues and customers. With Social Call Status your updates on social networks like Yammer or Facebook now reflect your communications status under your control. So friends and colleagues can see your Social Call Status and join in the conversation. Finally calling becomes truly social.

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  • In-call Voice Assistant

    Through the power of your voice: record calls, take notes that upload to Evernote, listen and send email / SMS / IM / Tweet / to do list / blog posts, receive whisper meeting alerts during calls that only you hear, add people to calls, divert calls to other devices, check your calendar to add or change appointments, and lots more…

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  • Integration

    Calls and messages can now be now integrated with your preferred CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service, e.g. When a client calls your mobile phone, their order status is ready to view on your tablet, just like in the office between your desk phone and PC, making you responsive to customer needs. All communications with clients are recorded and uploaded into the CRM service providing better analytics on your sales force and their processes.

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  • Context-based Call Routing

    As customers add more devices to their phone number, be it a smartphone, tablet, PC client, desk phone, or web browser having multiple devices ringing at once is annoying. Or worse if the devices are called in a chain, the caller gives up before the phone you’re closest to gets called. With presence-based routing the call goes directly to the device you’re using.

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But remember, Ameche is a platform so the possibilities are truly endless.

Calendar Integration
Active Speaker Presence, Schedules Callback, Reminders

In-Call ‘Whispers’
Critical information whispered in your ear

Do No Disturb
Like the iPhone but on any device

Parental Controls
Control the who, when and the where

Social ID
Enhance Caller ID with social data

Personal Conference
No PIN, just “Call my number”

Location enabled triggers “SMS: I just landed”

One Number
Move calls between connected devices (WebRTC/RCS)

Call Sharing
Share voice and video calls in real-time

Voice Notes
Record, Transcribe, Deliver

Reject and re-route unwanted calls

In-call services for the deaf and blind