Voxeo Labs and AT&T to Offer New Capabilities to Developers

LAS VEGAS – January 7, 2013 – Voxeo Labs today announced its support of AT&T’s Call Management API, powered by Tropo.

The AT&T Call Management API offers developers the opportunity to design new communication capabilities and is compatible with WebRTC. Developers can use the programming language they prefer such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Groovy to craft a unique experience in their applications and services using a few simple communication commands like: answer, ask, call, conference, message, say, and transfer.

“AT&T’s decision to integrate the Tropo API into their Call Management API proves their deep commitment to developers, by giving them access to the richest set of communication APIs from any telecom service provider,” said Voxeo Labs President Jason Goecke.

“Voxeo Labs is committed to putting the untapped potential of the carrier network into the hands of developers,” said Voxeo Labs CTO Jose de Castro. “In the coming months, web and mobile developers will have access to a new breed of carrier network capabilities, complete with rich media and deep mobile device and WebRTC integration. The world is changing and AT&T understands what it will take to push their industry forward.”

Crunched, an innovator in instant online meetings, recognizes the benefits of this partnership “AT&T’s Call Management API, powered by Tropo, is an exciting development; it’s a world-leading API from a world-leading telecommunications service provider. Adding voice and messaging to applications and services has become easy and carrier class.” said Roger Billerey-Mosier, VP Engineering & Product at Crunched.
Aaron Parecki, CTO at Esri R&D Center, appreciates the benefits of the AT&T Call Management API, “With the AT&T Call Management API we can leverage features never before imaginable.” Developers in small and large environments benefit from the nimble technology from Voxeo Labs and the dependability of AT&T’s data infrastructure and tested network.

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