Make the Shift From Telco Power to Telco Powered

Telcos are rethinking the role of their network. They are exploiting a platform approach to spread their communications capabilities everywhere in today’s digital services economy. They are using Tropo, Inc’s technology to enable a new era of “telco powered” services for their consumers, enterprises and partners.

The time is now to:

  1. Unlock the power of your communications network
  2. Innovate at web speed to reduce frustrating service creation bottlenecks
  3. Operate at web scale to extend the reach of your communications services
  4. Harness developer innovation and economics to improve relevance to your customers

Telco Power @ Web Speed

Web innovation is fast, fuelled by developers. Web ecosystems enable rapid and exponential growth where small ideas can scale quickly at relatively low cost. What if you could apply the same advantages to the power of your communications network? Tropo turns your network into a platform of Web-friendly “programmable” interfaces (APIs) that are already familiar to a community of over 140,000 developers.

Tropo provides:

  1. Web-speed programming interfaces and capabilities to your core network functions
  2. Access to over 140,000 developers already using these interfaces 3. The potential to participate in a growing cross-carrier ecosystem already using Tropo APIs

Telco Power @ Web Reach

The Web continues to scale exponentially due to the proliferation of Web-connected devices, from smartphones and tablets to cars, sensors and myriad embedded devices that make the Internet of Things. What if you could extend your communications network to any browser or Web-connected device? Phono does just that.

Phono provides:

  1. Voice, video and messaging capabilities directly inside the browser without plug-ins
  2. A gateway to connect any “comms enabled” browser to your communications network
  3. The latest in multimedia capabilities and quality using the WebRTC standard

Telco Power @ Web Innovation

Voice is not dead, but innovation in voice has been stymied by the closed and unprogrammable nature of voice networks. What would happen if you could securely exposed the billions of calls on your network to millions of app developers? What if you could make calls programmable? Tropo, Inc’s Ameche puts “Apps in your Calls” to create and deliver new customer experiences and business models.

Ameche provides:

  1. “Apps in your Calls” enabling service providers and developers to quickly create and deliver new services that customers love
  2. Apps run in real-time in the network so the services are unique to telcos 3. Deep network integration so the apps run on the customers’ existing phone numbers

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Wider Subscriber reach

By incorporating WebRTC technology into our products, you can extend the reach of your voice and message services to a much wider set of devices, such as tablets, TVs, consoles, and any app where your subscribers might want to access voice, video and messaging provided by their carrier.


The emergence of a cross-carrier ecosystem with innovative new apps generates huge benefits for the real stars of this show: your subscribers.

They get access to fresh relevant apps and services running on your network.


In the connected economy, application ecosystems have become the focal point for service creation and distribution.

Communications APIs create a whole new opportunity for telco-powered applications.

Paas Technology Auto-scales

Because our solutions use platform-as-a-service technologies, you can leverage cloud infrastructure, including your own.

This means you can automatically scale your API deployment exactly to the demands of developers without unnecessary CAPEX costs.

>150,000 developers

Developers are the fuel of these ecosystems. They thrive on opportunities to innovate on top of open platforms.

Tropo, Inc. was built using developer DNA, but using our telco-grade heritage and technology.

We’ve attracted over 140,000 developers and 20,000 companies to innovate on our APIs.

Core network IMS or MSC

And our APIs were built to run on top of telco-grade voice, video and messaging capabilities, like your core network.

Our web-friendly telco-grade APIs become your web-friendly telco-grade APIs.

Cross carrier adoption

Major carriers have already deployed our APIs, which means compatible apps can run on multiple carrier networks. The resulting extended user base in turn attracts more developers, which creates more apps and innovation.

Wider Subscriber reach
Paas Technology Auto-scales
>150,000 developers
Core network IMS or MSC
Cross carrier adoption

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